Play is just as important as school, so at Dollar General we offer an array of toys like puzzles, plush toys, toy cars and more that kids can enjoy.

Hot Wheels Color Reveal Color Shifters Car Toys, 2 ct

The Hot Wheels® Color Reveal™ 2 carriers are packed with amazing surprises! The buckets contain two Hot Wheels® Color Reveal™ cars covered in a special Color Reveal™ coating. For the initial presentation, fill the bucket with water and rotate each car in it until the water changes color and pulls the car out – revealing the sweet trim hidden underneath! Want to change its appearance again? Fill the drum with cold water and submerge each car in it for another awesome transformation! Change it up by dipping it in warm water! Repeat over and over again alternating between warm or cold water. It’s like having two cars in one! The drums are used as Hot Wheels® buckets and are also great for storage!

Mattel Phase 10 Card Game

From the makers of UNO™ comes a rummy game with a challenging and exciting twist! The object of the game is to be the first player to complete 10 different stages containing two sets of three, one set of seven or seven cards of the same color. The difference is that each stage to be completed is specific to each hand of cards. Players who complete a phase may move on to the next phase, but those who do not must continue to try until they complete it. Each set has “Wild” and “Skip” cards that add excitement and can help you get out of trouble. The “Wild” tiles can be used in place of number tiles or as any color to complete any phase, while the “Skip” tiles will cost your opponent a turn! Be the first to complete all ten phases to win the game. Includes 108 cards and instructions. Colors and decorations may vary.

Play-Doh, 3 oz - Assorted, 5 ct

This Play-Doh 5 pack of 3 oz. jars in 5 different colors is sure to brighten your day! Children ages 2 and up who love arts and crafts like modeling clay will love this set. It’s perfect for squeezing and shaping almost anything you can imagine, and you can even mix your own colors. It’s also a great Play-Doh filler to store your playsets and color collection at home, or use it alone for open-ended fun. 

Peppa Pig Peppa & George Figures, 2 pc

Peppa Pig Peppa and George dolls sets are designed for imaginative play! These larger, poseable figures feature articulated heads, arms and legs so kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the popular Peppa Pig show. The 5-inch Peppa Pig and 4-inch George Pig help kids imagine all kinds of everyday adventures! This Peppa Pig toy is a wonderful gift for any preschooler or Peppa Pig fan, ages 3 and up.


LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man vs Thanos Set, 103 pcs

LEGO® Marvel Avengers Iron Man vs. the Exterminators (76170) puts superhero action in the hands of kids. This versatile, buildable action toy is designed to encourage shared play and developmental growth. Empower young superheroes! The 4+ set takes into account budding builders and is filled with cool details to ensure kids have a great play experience.

Zuru Pets Alive Poppy the Booty Shakin' Pug

This pug loves to dance! Meet Pets Alive Poppy the Booty Shakin’ Pug, who moves hilariously and can play, dance, spin and shake her booty to three fun songs. With her adorably realistic design and infectious energy, it’s impossible for the whole family not to get up and dance with Poppy!

Long Handled Garden & Sand Tool Set

With summer approaching, it’s time for beach fun! Bring this long-handled garden and sand set to the beach or playground for your child’s next playdate. This toy also works perfectly with other beach toys such as buckets, shovels, and spray cans.

Crayola Bold Colors Bath Foam Letters & Numbers Set, 36 pcs

Spark your child’s creativity during bath time with this Crayola Bold Colors bath foam letters and numbers set! Includes 36 different pieces that can be mixed and matched to create words and play with shapes and colors to make bath time fun.

Jumbo Washable Sidewalk Chalk Bucket, 20 ct

Unleash your child’s creativity with this set of 20 brightly colored chalk pens. This giant washable sidewalk chalk can be used on a variety of surfaces, including your patio floor.

Sparkle And Shine Kenya Doll

Style and play with Sparkle and Shine Kenya dolls. This doll comes with a style guide and hair accessories for all your styling needs. Grow up pretty and proud!


Be clear about what the toy will be used for

When you go toy shopping, it’s a good idea to have clear expectations for the toy. Determine the purpose for which you are buying the toy. This will help you get rid of the various options, popular toys and toys that offer great deals.

Consider the safety of the toy

The safety of toys is very important, especially when choosing toys for young children. You must make sure that the toys you buy are made of non-toxic and non-flammable materials. Therefore, be sure to check the toy’s label to determine if it meets the safety standards for your child’s age.

This is why when choosing a toy, you should completely exclude detachable toys from your list, as your little one may swallow its parts. Toddlers are at the age where curiosity drives them to put anything in their mouths. Also, for battery-operated toys, check that all parts are secured with screws so that your child doesn’t dislodge any parts.

Consider your child's age and interests

Not all toys are suitable for every age group. Be sure to choose toys that are appropriate for your child’s age. Also, consider your child’s interests and preferences. For example, if your child likes cars, consider buying a toy car set. Try buying toys that help your child learn and grow. There are many educational toys on the market that can help your child learn new skills.