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We have everything you need to take your party to the next level.

Character Gift Bag, Assorted

Add a touch of shark style to your celebration with our Character gift bag. This 12.5 x 10.5 inch gift bag features a variety of designs that are perfect for birthday parties. Place a few small gifts or a medium-sized gift in the bag along with some thin paper for easy wrapping. Then, sign the small tag with your name and the recipient’s name to complete the filling. Want even more ways to make the celebration go smoothly? Shop the rest of our themed party supplies.

Fun Creatures Party Favors, Assorted 30 ct

Find out what’s creepy in our Fun Creatures Party Favors pack! This 30-piece reptile party favor set is filled with lizards and other reptiles that are sure to excite any little partygoer! Let these scaly creatures go into your gift bag or scatter them around your table for your guests to pick up. Find even more fun ways to celebrate by purchasing our other birthday party supplies for kids.

321 Party! Pastel Balloon Arch Kit, 40 pc

Assemble an eye-catching balloon display with our pastel balloon arch kit! This balloon kit includes 5, 9 and 12 inch balloons in a variety of pastel colors, as well as clear balloons filled with confetti. Use the hand pump to inflate all the balloons and easily assemble the balloon arches. Then, attach them to the included 8-foot plastic strips. Hang the finished balloon garland on the doorway, behind the party table or as a photo booth backdrop. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a baby shower, it’s sure to look adorable. Find more ways to spruce up your celebration and shop our other pastel party supplies.

LOL Surprise Pull String Pinata

Have some teasing party fun with our LOL Surprise Pull-Thread Pinata! This 23 x 22 inch pull tab piñata features Diva, Lil Diva, Genie and Miss Baby and is perfect for your LOL surprise birthday party. Fill this piñata with up to two pounds of your own candy and small party favors. Then, hang it from a safe spot on the ceiling or outside on a branch. When it’s time to play, let the kids take turns pulling each of the 12 strings until one releases a snack! Shop other LOL Surprise themed party supplies and find even more ways to have a great day.


9" Rustic Pumpkin Shaped Thanksgiving Party Plates, 8 ct

Put a little pumpkin spice on the table with our rustic Pumpkin Shaped Thanksgiving Party Plates. These 9-inch paper plates are shaped to look like pumpkins and are the perfect addition to Thanksgiving dinner or other fall celebrations. Stack these plates on the buffet table for guests to enjoy turkey, mashed potatoes and other Thanksgiving foods. Then, dispose of the plates for a quick and easy post-party cleanup. 

321 Party! Foil Gold Create Your Own Banner Kit

Customize your party style with our Foil Gold Create Your Own Banner kit. In this kit, you’ll find 78 letters and symbols, 50 metal fasteners and 3 feet of string – perfect for spelling out any special message or name. After assembling the party banner, hang it on any wall at a birthday party, bridal shower or other special event.

DG Party Tissue Paper Yellow and Orange - 8 Sheets

Add a special touch to any gift with our DG Party Orange and Yellow Tissue Paper! Package includes 8 sheets of tissue paper. Tissue paper is the perfect accent to gift bags and boxes!

Happy Halloween Tablecloth, 52 x 70 Inches - Assorted

Impress your guests with a Halloween tablecloth. It will protect your table from scratches and heat. This tablecloth is perfect for parties and family gatherings.

Halloween Ghost Face Scream Mask

Make a splash this Halloween with the Halloween Ghost Scream Mask. This mask is perfect for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating or party favors.

Baked with Love Mini Metal Cookie Cutters

Various shapes to create perfect cookies, pastries, doughnuts, fudge, cookies, etc.


Set your budget

One of the most important things to consider when choosing party supplies is knowing your budget. Once you have determined your total budget, create a guest list. This is essential for all types and sizes of parties. Set a budget and most importantly, stick to it.

Plan ahead

Obviously, every event should start with a plan. There are many items available for your party and if you don’t plan, it can really add up to a few dollars. If you don’t think about your party supplies early, you’ll be stuck with whatever your neighborhood store has to offer. By thinking about it a few weeks before the party starts, you’ll have more time to know what you really need, and if you’re going to buy your party supplies online, you can still compare prices and have plenty of time for shipping.

Buying in bulk

Buying anything in bulk will allow you to take advantage of some discounts. Depending on how big your party is, you may want to buy wholesale because the overall price is much cheaper than retail. After all, you can still use the leftover supplies for other events or occasions. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice quality on price. From party tableware to balloons, decorations and toys, you only want to buy what is high quality and appropriate for your party theme.